Sushi Samba, the Heron Tower, London

The beautiful Zoe (who took all these lovely photos) recently wrote a blog about Sushi Samba in London, you can find that here.

We went to celebrate her 30th as we’ve been threatening to go for a few years now, but laziness and a general apathy towards Greater Anglia trains has prevented us.

While I would never say I was disappointed, I would say that a few changes have been made since I last ate there and I’m not sure it’s for the better.

The set-up of the restaurant is now so open and bare, that it loses some of the atmosphere it had when they had booths running down the middle. I can only assume this has been done for a better view across the restaurant for waiting staff, or to increase the number of tables they can take in a service. Not the end of the world, but it did make a difference as I didn’t feel as relaxed.

They have also removed the pork belly form their menu. I was gutted. That pork belly had left such a fantastic impression from my last meal that I was almost salivating at the thought of it when I came to order. Their lamb chops have changed too. They’re still tasty, but not as meaty and choppy as I remember.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the miserable buggers on reception. They must look for the steeliest faced people to man their reception in the hope that the sheer resting bitch face effect will persuade anyone daring to enter the restaurant without prior arrangement to think twice.  I cannot help feeling like I’m in some way inconveniencing them with my mere presence too. Not my favourite of greetings, but I’m more interested in the food.

We started with a few cocktails in the bar to set the tone for the day, and were then shown through to our table.


Cocktails – I had the Lychee cocktail, which is centre back

Unfortunately it was such a miserable bloody day, that the view was constricted by thick, heavy cloud, so we couldn’t gauge the real extent of how high up we were.

Nevertheless, we were all excited to order our long awaited sushi delights and were aided by the waiter on what to order and quantities – their menu is here

There’s plenty on the menu for those who prefer something other than a raw fish dish, and we made sure we all ordered three plates of our preferred dish so we could all try a mixture in the knowledge we would like something.


An excellent mix of tempura squid, prawns, tuna, edamame, salmon, lamb and chicken

The California rolls were out of this world, fresh and delicious, though maybe a little too big for a one bite mouthful. I managed though – hero!

We also ordered a bottle of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, which accompanied the dishes perfectly.


This was my favourite dish – tuna cerviche

The meal went quickly and, though we were never rushed, we seemed to all decide it was time to leave for our next stop (F&M, Laduree, Liberty’s and The Langham) at the same time, suggesting we were all sated and ready to move on.

I prefer Sushi Samba of an evening. Especially if you are able to grab a table in the summer by the big orange tree. There’s more of a vibe and emphasis on waiting around for a table. The prices are as you’d expect in London, but we felt it was value for money thanks to our selection of dishes and wine.


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